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Meditation is powerful! For at least fifteen minutes a day, sit quietly and, without any distractions, simply be. Stay deeply focused on your meditation by concentrating on your breath flow and repeating power mantras such as, “My gifts to the world are within,” “My safety and security are within,” and, “My peace, love, and power are within.” Open your heart, mind, and spirit to what the Universe wants to tell you, and this will guide you to a peaceful, loving, and harmonious life.

Pick Your Top Choice

Start by telling someone you trust a great deal and whom you know will be supportive. This can be mom, dad, a sibling, or a close cousin. If you have a good grasp on someone’s attitudes toward sexuality, then you can gauge what their reaction will most likely be. Start with these people to allow yourself a couple purely positive reactions to your coming out. You will also gain practice on how to say it to the rest of the family.

Perhaps you have a very close friend to whom you’ve already come out. If you decide you want to come out to a group of family members all at once, then have your close friend Elephant Castle escorts you to the family gathering for moral support. Your trusted Elephant Castle escorts from does not have to say anything to the family, if they so wish. If your friendly Elephant Castle escorts does decide to speak up on your behalf, he or she could attest to the fact your sexuality has changed nothing about your friendship and affirm that if a friend can accept you for who you are, then family should have no problem doing the same. Remember, the circumstances in which you decide to tell your family can have a big impact, so be sure it is a place where everyone (including you) feels safe, comfortable, and can speak openly.

How to Say What to Say

If you want to be blunt and plainly say, “I’m gay,” or, “I’m a lesbian,” that is perfectly acceptable. You might also say, “I have a boyfriend/girlfriend,” or, “I like guys/girls,” to come out to your family. However, you wish to declare yourself is up to you; there is no right or wrong way. If you want to write it in a letter, that is okay too. Whatever the response, though, remember you are not coming out for anyone else’s benefit but yours, so that you can be yourself and live openly and honestly, so that your heart remains light and unburdened.

Unfortunately, negative attitudes towards LGBT people are still all too common in our society, so be prepared for rude or insensitive comments. And when the negativity becomes too much, just remember this simple phrase from Bernard Baruch, “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.” Keep your head held high, and never be ashamed of who you are.

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