I booked a cheap London escort to relieve the pain in me after an annulment



All of us want someone to hold our hand forever. Someone to make us believe in real love and will never leave us no matter what happened. We always find someone that can love us through our worsts and best in life. Someone that would never judge, but instead accept us and love. Someone to hold our hand when everyone leaves and hurt us. We always need someone to keep for us not to carry away. Someone that will brighten our days, and feel us more alive.


For me, it is a beautiful day since I married my wife. I feel like the luckiest person and becomes happier. I think that she is the one for me and that is my urge to marry her. She keeps telling me she’s not ready, but I have always insisted that we get married. I know how tough marriage is, its more complicated and lots of responsibilities. My parents are frustrated because of my decision, they don’t want to marry me yet since they had many dreams for me. I disobey them because of my love. I am afraid to wake up one day, she is not on my side anymore or thought of she is with another guy. Even in thoughts, its painful and can’t accept it. And so I decided that after college, I will immediately marry her at all costs. She is my dream, and not to be with her is my biggest failure in life. I can’t live without her, and I might go crazy if it happens. I have never been so serious in life, but this is my first time to go crazy for a girl. I treat her like my queen and my world turns only with her. She is my life.


We are high school sweethearts, but when we were in college, I felt like she changed. She is not sweet anymore just like before. And I am afraid that she will decide one day to break up with me. So I plan to impregnate her. We get married. She became worsts and became cold to me. She does not seems so happy and waited for labor. After she gives birth, she acts like a single, goes home late and drunk. Our life becomes more miserable, and then she decided to get divorced. I can’t do anything about it; she frankly told me that she does not love me anymore and force to everything. I am so depressed, I go to London and left my child to my family and promise to get back after I find myself. I was so lonely, and to my loneliness, I booked a cheap London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/cheap-london-escorts to accompany me that night. She is very positive, very entertaining and made me laugh. It was fun and did help my pain. It was an excellent choice to book a cheap London escort to relieve the pain in me after an annulment

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