Burn More calories during sex

Can you burn more calories during sex? I am not sure that you burn a lot of calories during sex at all. Most people don’t make love for hours at end and I am not sure that we should see sex as a calorie burning exercise. During the time that I have worked for London escorts, I have been asked on numerous occasions how you can burn more calories during sex. Honestly, I am not so sure that it is about that at all. When I come off my shift from cheap London escorts, I do not go home and say to my boyfriend if he would like to burn some calories.

I am sure that there are some activities that you can do during sex to burn more calories, but at the same time I am not sure that it is the right way to look at sex. None of my friends at cheap London escorts go home and count calories with their boyfriend neither. Yes, sex is important but I am sure that it is more important to concentrate on enjoying it with your partner instead. I think that is the way most cheap London escorts look at sex.

Why have we become se obsessed with burning calories during sex? I date rather a lot of Americans at London escorts, and they are just totally obsessed with burning calories all of the time. To be honest, I don’t think that we burn that many calories. Even the most vigorous love making probably only burns off about 100 calories or so. I am sure when I go to the gym with my friends from London escorts, I personally burn off more calories that 100 calories.

When I come home from cheap London escorts, I always focus on having fun and enjoying the company of my boyfriend instead. There is no way that I am going to focus on burning calories when I am in bed with my boyfriend. Most of the girls here at London escorts are what I call pleasure seeker. They don’t always run around worrying about how many calories they burn doing this and that. Why should we? The pleasure of sex should be a lot more important.

I love having sex, but good sex does not come from focusing on how many calories you burn. I think that is very much an American thing that has somehow ended up on our shores with so many other crazy ideas. Do I enjoy making love without having to worry about the calories? I think that this is the only true way of making love. Why should we have to worry about the calories we burn when we make love? I always just focus on the pleasure that I can bring to my partner and the pleasure that he brings to me. That is what making love and enjoying good quality sex is all about at the end of the day. I am sure that most sex counselors would agree with me…

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