A Relationship With A Mature Man

When I met Charlie on a London escorts date, I was immediately taken back. I have to admit that it was unusual for me. Most of the time I insisted on dating men who were my own age. But, it had been a bit of a quiet week at London escorts. When reception got in touch and said that they had a date for me, I was rearing to go. It was a dinner date and I have to say that I rather like going out dinner dates. It is fun, you get dinner and normally a good tip. Most escorts like going on dinner dates.

Charlie was waiting for me in the lobby of this hotel. I was not the only of the lovely beautiful girls from our London escorts agency going on the booking. It was a group of businessmen who had arranged the date. To be fair, I was kind of grateful that there were other London escorts there as well. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to talk about when you are on dates with older men. But, on this occasion, I should not have worried. Charlie turned out to be really fun.

Not only was Charlie fun, but for a guy in his early 50s, he was really good looking. I would even go as far to say that he was one of the best looking guys that I had met during my London escorts career. Before I knew it, I started to enjoy his company and wished that I had met him earlier. He explained that he was not normally into dating London escorts, it was something he did when one of his colleagues laid it on as a “treat” he said. I was glad to be Charlie’s treat.

For some reason or another, I took a chance and gave Charlie my private number. He called me the next day and we went out on the Sunday. I had a lovely time in his company and he seemed to enjoy mine. Fortunately for me, he never called London escorts and asked me out on a date. Instead he treated me like his private girlfriend and really started to spoil me. Before I knew it, I handed in my notice and left London escorts to live with Charlie.

Today, Charlie and I have a great lifestyle together. He is nice, calm and treats me like his little princess. I have to say that we have our own little princess. She is a gorgeous two-year-old girl and she loves her daddy. A couple of the girls that I worked with thought that I was mad to leave London escorts and settle down with Charlie. But I have not regretted one moment of my life with Charlie. He is so nice and we have a great time together. Most of my friends who have met him say that he is younger at heart than many guys my own age. I would agree with that.

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